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The Official Guide to Case Management Best Practices

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February 28, 2023

Industry Experts Reveal Their Secret Case Management Best Practices

Our industry experts will share the secret to regaining control and getting reconnected – in a way that you might not expect – through your case management software. Learn how Legal at Uber uses case management to manage and scale claims across North America from beginning to end all while better integrating with its ultimate client, Uber’s business units. Learn how outside counsel, from Stradley Ronon, leverage case management to collaborate better with clients throughout a wide range of matters. Learn how all of this can be done through a secure platform that can help you manage, improve and even automate your processes.

Speakers: Ryan Buoscio, Sr. Lead Program Manager & Insurance Litigation, Uber Eric Hurwitz, Co-Chair, Financial Services, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP Jonathan Reed, CEO & Co-Founder, Advologix Michael Simon, Principal, Seventh Samurai

Learn more about the AdvoLogix cloud-based solution by reading our whitepaper.

Thank you to our partners Uber, Stradley Ronan, Seventh Samurai for participation in the webinar. And thank you to our partner the CCBJ.

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