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3 Reasons to Switch to Lightning Experience (LEx)

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February 28, 2023

You’ve likely been hearing the hype from Salesforce about switching to Lightning Experience. From Trailhead and Help Center to Idea Exchange and Communities, there are numerous resources available to help you and your organization get ready for the switch. As AdvoLogix users, we’d like to share a few additional tips on why it’s important to make the switch to Lightning and how this transition will help your organization stay current with the latest innovations!

Here are the top three reasons it makes sense to make the switch to Lightning Experience.

#1: Lightning is the Future

Since Lightning was announced in 2015, AdvoLogix has been working tirelessly to make our application function seamlessly with the new user interface. We do still provide our Classic customers with world-class support, but moving forward, all our new innovations will be in Lightning Experience. Salesforce has not provided a date for when the Classic interface will no longer be supported or available; however, recently Salesforce sent out an email to all system administrators advising them that Lightning Experience would be enabled organization wide in a critical update beginning October 2019 (date subject to change). Change is coming, and we are happy to assist in making the transition as smooth as possible.

*For more information on this critical update, please review the following link: Turn On Lightning Experience Critical Update FAQ.

#2: Lightning is Faster, Easier and More Efficient

In Classic, the only option for a page layout was to have one long page, and if the data for that record was particularly dense, it would take a while to load. With Lightning record pages, you will experience faster page-loading times and better organization with the use of tabs. So, you can find things faster and without excessive scrolling.  A variety of Lightning components can be added to a record page (i.e. collapsible related list views, Path, report charts, etc.) and a custom home landing pager based on the user’s role.

Lightning empowers teams to work faster with out-of-the-box components that function seamlessly with desktop and mobile devices. You don’t have to spend your time optimizing your apps for different devices as the components take care of that for you. There is easy drag-and-drop functionality that helps you customize and personalize your pages with ease.

#3: AdvoLogix is Lightning First

There are now more than 157 Lightning-ready apps available; however, AdvoLogix was recognized as one of the inaugural Lightning First AppExchange apps in the fall of 2018. As an AdvoLogix user, you get access to the free AdvoLogix Lightning Experience (ALEx) Supplemental Package. ALEx will jump-start your lightning transition with an AdvoLogix Lightning app, homepage, Lightning Matter record page. We made ALEx separate from our base package because we wanted our customers to have the freedom to customize it for their unique business needs.

We have transitioned several of our existing features (i.e., Matter CalendarMulti Timer, etc.) from Visualforce pages to Lightning components. With that being said, we also have several new features that are only available in Lightning; such as the Date CalculatorTask Checklist and Conflict Checks. For a full list of AdvoLogix Lightning components and pages, please select the following link: AdvoLogix Lightning Components.

Now that you are convinced that a move to Lightning will benefit your organization, let us show you where to find the best resources to get started.

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