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Municipal governments have unique and complex needs when it comes to legal management software. Not only do even small-scale municipal governments need to contend with complex laws and regulations, they often must do it with limited budgets, minimal staffing, and ever-changing administrative landscapes. AdvoLogix offers leading municipal government software solutions that use secure, cloud-based platforms and AI-driven automation to meet all the software needs of municipal government departments.

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Legal departments and other local and municipal government offices must often juggle several concerns when looking for software solutions.

On the one hand, municipal governments have the same complex needs as legal offices in the private sector, sometimes more so. But on the other hand, municipal governments must also frequently deal with limited budgets and staff shortages, with the looming potential to worsen with each election and change of municipal leadership. Moreover, municipal government legal departments, as part of the public sector, also must deal with complex, overlapping regulatory laws governing cybersecurity. 

This means that municipal governments need legal software that meets several different needs. Fortunately, AdvoLogix offers municipal management and legal software solutions to provide necessary cybersecurity, convenient automation capabilities, and a flexible, secure cloud-based platform.

Benefits of Legal Software for Municipal Government Agencies

Investing in high-quality legal software can save municipal governments time and money while maximizing work output. As with legal departments and law firms of all stripes, much of the legal work done in municipal governments involves detailed but repetitive data entry. This includes processes such as invoicing, contract management, billing, and analytics. 

Though this work is essential for the core legal work of a municipal government, it can often result in excessive manual work on the part of governmental legal employees. And since municipal government legal departments often have limited staff, reliance on too much manual data entry can waste time and energy that staff could otherwise spend on solving more complex legal issues.

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Artificial Intelligence

Advanced municipal government software from AdvoLogix solves the problem of impractical and time-consuming data entry. Thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence technology, AdvoLogix legal and management software offers automation capabilities for these tasks. For example, the AdvoLogix Caster uses advanced machine learning to automate invoice processing. 

With such automation, legal professionals in municipal governments can save significant amounts of time and energy when creating invoices. Thus, municipal legal professionals can avoid busywork and focus their skills and experience on more complex legal tasks.

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Flexibility and Efficiency

Advanced municipal government software also gives municipal government employees much greater flexibility when working on key tasks. The AdvoLogix Spend Management solution uses a secure cloud-based system to integrate a municipal government’s budgetary work. 

A cloud-based budgetary management platform lets authorized municipal employees customize their budgetary data reporting, tracking, and authorization based on time and resource requirements. This gives municipal governments much greater overall flexibility in handling their budgets.

Convenient Collaboration

Legal matter management is legal software that can help authorized municipal government employees easily track and collaborate on relevant legal projects.

One of the key benefits of a cloud-based system compared to an on-premise system is that all authorized personnel can access relevant data and programs from any computer or mobile device. This access makes collaboration between municipal employees much, much easier. And, thanks to AdvoLogix’s secure foundation on Salesforce and Amazon Web Services, these programs do not sacrifice essential cybersecurity even as they provide much more convenient flexibility and collaboration.

How to Choose Municipal Government Legal Software 

Choosing the best legal software solutions can be challenging for any practicing attorney, legal professional, or legal IT department. Municipal governments, however, have the added challenge of dealing with compliance laws and regulatory frameworks, often imposed by layers of laws, overlapping jurisdictions, and multiple government agencies.

Government employees will want to keep a few key steps in mind to find the most effective municipal management software for their department.

Look for Appropriate Certification

Municipal governments can look for municipal government software solutions with appropriate certification for their relevant regulatory frameworks. In the United States, the main regulatory framework for software security used by federal departments is the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP. 

Even though local governments are not part of the federal government, they still need to ensure that their software adheres to all federal regulations. After all, even small local governments will need to work with larger federal agencies and major government contractors, all of which will need to work with FedRAMP-certified programs in any municipal partner.

Consider Salesforce and AWS Integration

AdvoLogix legal management software solutions are also available within the Salesforce GovCloud environment, which is fully FedRAMP-certified. On a platform specifically built to meet government departments’ cybersecurity and regulatory requirements, you can trust in the security provided by AdvoLogix. 

In addition to these security regulatory certifications, municipal governments might also want to consider customer support systems, integrations, and technological capabilities when choosing their software solutions.

Municipal Government Legal Matter Management Software

Municipal government legal departments may need to deal with similar legal matters as private law firms while also contending with limited budgets and complex regulations. AdvoLogix Matter Management uses advanced AI technology to implement automation in all legal matter management issues a municipal government department faces. 

With convenient legal matter management capabilities from AdvoLogix, municipal governments can gain much greater control over their matter management tech while reducing their reliance on outside contractors.

Municipal Government Legal Spend Management Software

The AdvoLogix Spend Management solution gives municipal legal departments the same cloud-based platform and convenient automation capabilities for all budgetary needs. Thanks to Spend Management’s cloud-based platform, municipal employees can easily coordinate their budgets in a secure and flexible format, saving money they would otherwise spend on outside-budget consultants and contractors.

Spend Management’s foundation on Salesforce also means that all municipal governments can get the same data security demanded by federal agencies and major corporations.

Municipal Government Legal Invoice Management

One of the most common causes of wasteful busywork for municipal government employees is the invoice creation process. Though invoicing is essential for municipal legal departments, the process usually requires excessive data entry. Without automated software, this data entry will require hours of manual work by individual employees.

The AdvoLogix Caster uses advanced, AI-driven tools to automate much of the invoicing process. With the Caster, municipal governments can process, manage, and send invoices without wasting too much time and resources on manual data entry. Effective invoice automation provides a huge time saver that frees up a municipal government’s dedicated legal professionals to work on more complex issues affecting the communities they represent.

Experience the AdvoLogix Difference

Though smaller in size and jurisdiction, municipal governments often have the same software needs as much larger and better-funded federal and state government departments. The municipal government software solutions from AdvoLogix give municipal legal professionals a much-needed combination of convenience, efficiency, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. 

Plus, with a reliable Salesforce foundation, AdvoLogix software solutions can easily integrate into most of a municipal government’s preexisting programs.

Reach out today to talk with one of our specialists to see firsthand how tools such as the Caster, Matter Management, or Spend Management, can enhance your capabilities.

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