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Since manual client onboarding is time-consuming, law organizations need a more efficient solution. Client intake software automates the intake process to improve operational efficiency, save time, and enhance client experience. However, not every legal software will meet a firm’s needs. AdvoLogix offers a customizable, secure, and cloud-enabled client intake solution.

When considering leads for potential clients for your legal practice, you typically collect their information and evaluate their cases before scheduling consultations. This process can be slow when done manually. Client intake software makes onboarding quicker, easier, and more efficient.  

However, the available software tools have significant differences. Some are designed for big firms, while others suit small organizations. Also, the data security of some solutions may be inadequate for legal organizations. You need a client intake software tool that is secure and meets your specific needs. AdvoLogix is customizable and uses industry-leading security measures to protect your sensitive data. 

What Is Client Intake Software?

Client intake software for law firms automates the client onboarding process. Organizations can use the tool to create customized intake forms, collect prospective clients’ information online, and track client interactions. Automated workflows eliminate time-consuming, manual data entry so you prioritize casework, not administrative tasks.

What Is a Client Intake Form?

An intake form is a document potential clients fill out with their details. A good intake form captures a person’s full name, contact information, and address. Also, it includes a field where prospects explain their issue so you can pre-screen their cases before consultation. 

Legal software such as AdvoLogix allows you to use online intake forms. These forms simplify the onboarding of potential clients by eliminating the need to enter data manually. 

What Is the Client Intake Process? 

The intake process converts leads into paying clients. You collect relevant details about prospects, examine their problem, and agree to represent them if they are a good fit for your law firm. The process has four key stages:

Digitizing the intake journey with legal software unlocks multiple benefits for your law firm. 

Benefits of Client Intake Software for Law Firms of All Sizes

The following are some key benefits of client intake software for law firms, regardless of size.

Automates Onboarding

Collecting and recording prospective clients’ data can be an administrative burden. 

Client intake software for law firms automates the onboarding process. It captures information about a lead through online intake forms and records the details automatically.

Saves Time

Intake software performs tasks that would otherwise be manual. This enables lawyers and legal professionals to focus on legal work rather than time-consuming administrative tasks. That means your firm can spend less time on non-billable activities and more on casework that generates revenue.


A quality intake software solution is flexible. Law firms can tailor AdvoLogix to meet their unique needs with just a few clicks. You can build a customized intake form by defining what client details you want to gather based on your practice area and case type.

Enables Data Analysis

Good client intake software lets you gather, analyze, and extract valuable insights from client information. AdvoLogix integrates with powerful analytics tools to help you get the most out of your data. 

Choosing Client Intake Software

Selecting the right client intake solution can be challenging, especially if you are unsure what to look for. Consider the following factors to choose legal software that best suits your law firm.

Security and Privacy Compliance

According to the American Bar Association, nearly 30 percent of law firms have experienced a security breach, including hacking and website cyber attacks. To mitigate the risk of a cyber breach, choose software with multi-factor authentication, robust access control, and other reliable security features. 

Additionally, jurisdictions have different data security and privacy laws. For instance, European legal firms must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation when using cloud-based software. Check your local regulations and pick a software provider that helps you comply.

On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Client Intake Software

With on-premise legal software, you host and access the tool on your organization’s servers. On the other hand, cloud-based client intake software resides in the cloud and is accessible through a web browser. Both have pros and cons. 

An on-premise solution gives you complete control over IT resources and is more secure because of limited access. However, you will need a dedicated IT team to maintain the servers. Setting up in-house infrastructure to run the software is also expensive. And the solution is only accessible within your premises. 

Meanwhile, cloud-based client intake software eliminates the need to invest in on-premise servers, making the solution accessible from anywhere and suitable for collaboration. That explains why a 2022 survey found a significant increase in cloud usage among legal firms over the years. 

While the cloud has multiple benefits, the availability of cloud-based software depends on internet connectivity and is subject to local data protection laws. 

Customization and Integration

The right tool can be tailored to meet your specific needs. In addition, consider software that integrates with your organization’s accounting software, payment processors, client management systems, and other existing solutions. Such integration will ensure seamless data flow between tools.

Client Intake Software FAQs

Why Use Online Intake Forms? 

Online intake forms offer convenience. Potential clients can fill out their details anytime, anywhere, as long as they are connected to the internet. This streamlines lead acquisition in your law firm. The forms also minimize manual data entry since they automatically record prospect information in your legal practice management software. 

Do Large and Small Law Firms Have Different Client Intake Software Needs?

Large firms typically require scalable solutions to manage increasing clients, handle complex workflows, and integrate with a wide array of systems. Small legal practices, on the other hand, might prioritize cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud-Based Client Intake Software?

Cloud-based client intake software, such as AdvoLogix, has several advantages:

Is Client Intake Software Better Than Using Spreadsheets?

Using spreadsheets involves manual data entry, making the intake process tedious and time-consuming. Client intake software for law firms automates onboarding. Prospects can provide information and schedule consultations conveniently and effortlessly. Automation makes the intake journey swift and efficient. 

AdvoLogix Offers Customizable Legal Software Solutions

Every law firm is different. Therefore, one size never fits all when it comes to legal software solutions. That’s why AdvoLogix offers cloud-based tools you can deeply customize to your organization’s unique operations: 

  • Legal Matter Management is a case management platform that centralizes legal documents, automates workflows, and enhances collaboration. It also comes with customizable dashboards and reports for data-driven decision-making. 
  • Spend Management is a powerful tool for law firms to manage, analyze, and gain insights into spending data. The AI-powered software automates budgeting and invoice processes. It can also track time and outside counsel expenses.
  • The AdvoLogix Caster is an AI solution that lets you import invoices in bulk into Spend Management, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual invoice processing. Users can customize compliance rules to automatically identify billing mistakes, eliminate costly human errors, and increase savings. Moreover, the AdvoLogix Caster can learn and improve over time because it is powered by cloud-based machine learning. 

AdvoLogix’s legal solutions are built on the Salesforce platform with industry-leading compliance and security measures. 

See How AdvoLogix Can Help Your Firm

The efficiency of your client intake process comes down to the software you implement. With AdvoLogix, you will have a secure, intuitive, and customizable legal solution to automate prospect onboarding. 

Reach out today to consult with a product specialist and find out how AdvoLogix optimizes your client intake process.

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