Maximizing the Impact of In-House Counsel Resources with Cloud-Based Matter Management

Watch our webinar to learn how to use cloud-based matter management to achieve operational excellence.

In-house legal teams today are hindered by the inability to embed unique legal workflows into commonly provided workplace tools. Highly paid individuals are spending too much time in email, phone calls, unproductive organizational meetings and manual document manipulation with lack of complete understanding of the impact of the work item to the business.

Watch our one-hour webinar, where you will learn strategies that legal teams can employ to streamline matter management, including intake, triage, prioritization, and assignment. We cover how these strategies give legal departments a clear understanding that the most critical legal issues are being worked in a priority sequence by the people with the right skills and availability. We also discuss tools that can automate workflow, informational intake, task assignment, document creation and more and that also offer the metrics needed to provide insight into value delivered and effort expended by in-house counsel. 

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