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Quality vs. Efficiency in Legal Matter Management

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February 28, 2023

Today’s legal departments face enormous pressures to improve efficiency while reducing both costs and potential risk to their organizations. In this demanding environment, delivering improved business processes while also providing high-quality legal services in a quick and efficient manner can often seem like competing objectives. But why choose?

With the right approach, it’s possible to bridge that gap and achieve both. A modern legal matter management solution can create business process improvements that speed the delivery of services while maintaining quality and bringing value to the company.

The Case for Legal Matter Management

Overburdened IT staff in many corporations have little time to focus on matters of legal operations management. In the absence of such IT support, in-house counsel must find additional tools to help with legal matter management, even though, through no fault of their own, they are often unfamiliar with the best solutions for efficiency, cost savings, and service delivery. As a result, many in-house legal departments have historically relied on an unintegrated, cobbled-together collection of disparate systems, each responsible for a discrete aspect of matter management.

Successful matter management that leads to concrete business process improvements, however, requires a comprehensive, holistic approach. Only by having an integrated view of any given matter through a centralized matter management platform can you view and manage every aspect of a matter, from start to finish. Switching between systems and platforms opens the door to errors and inefficiencies that create significant risk for the company and its clients.

Comprehensive matter management tools streamline and expedite matter intake, allowing in-house counsel to more quickly assign the right teams before moving on to delegate roles and tasks, manage those tasks, make adjustments to strategy and staffing as needed, and institute best practices – typically all with the assistance of automation. The same cannot be said when using a collection of disparate systems. By streamlining matter management from intake to completion, legal departments free up valuable time for attorneys to focus on high-value legal work, business process improvements, and legal innovation.

Cloud-based matter management tools open the door to even more business process improvements through increased agility and greater capacity for innovation. Employing cloud-based matter management allows for greater security for data and systems, because cloud vendors have already invested billions of dollars in security.

In addition, premier cloud-based matter management platforms seamlessly integrate with best-in-class third-party applications and come with automatic upgrades, so you never have to worry that your technology is obsolete. Centralized cloud-based matter management tools also allow in-house counsel to have access to important business matters anytime, anywhere, which means better service for clients.

With a modern, comprehensive matter management solution, corporate legal departments are in the best possible position to eliminate inefficient manual processes, gain increased visibility into workloads, and access the kind of reporting and analytics that management wants to see.

Improving Business Value

General counsel today are under continuous pressure to run their corporate legal departments like businesses, prompting many to establish and expand their legal department operation programs. But as indicated in the results of the 12th Annual Law Department Operations Survey: Continuing to Mature While Bracing for Uncertainty, after several years of growth, some are anticipating a possible downturn in this market. What might that mean for your department? 

Download your free copy of the survey here to read about the current state of legal operations and gain insight about how to better align your department’s goals and strategy with that of your overall organization, allowing you to show the clear value that you bring to the business.

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